Native solutions support

Each software project has a life-cycle known as Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The life-cycle starts when a customer decides to obtain a software and it ends when this software shall be no more used.

Ultima Creative supports its projects and products during full life-cycle. It means that we are able to provide any changes to our software even after years from beta-release.

Why is it so necessary? Years went by and it is obvious that your business model is changing. Business model cannot change without changes in your application as all IT is not more than a tool to make business more comfortable; or implement its peculiarities in digits. Well, let’s consider that support of third party solutions is too expensive as a new team will need to get a clear understanding of the system’s architecture in order to be able to add any changes. We protect our clients from additional charges. That is why we are ready to support our projects anytime you wish to add new features or change the old ones.

Another good reason for our excellent support is that we are involving in our projects and it does matter to our team. It is a great satisfaction for us to see how our projects evolve as we believe in what we do. We continuously research the market and we are ready to provide new modern solutions to improve finished projects. Our clients can always count on our responsibility.

The other thing that I want to discuss is warranty terms. Ultima Creative releases its projects with standard warranty terms of three months. It is common practice that a client shall test the application on his side following our quality assurance in order to accept the next version. We have set an additional warranty period after beta release of a finished project to make sure that our client will be protected from any surprises. All defects found would be fixed during warranty period free of charge.

We also have a special offer for our clients. You can prolong the warranty period at a special price. To learn more, please, use feedback form on Contacts page.