Zend Framework

“All frameworks suck” —– Laura Thompson, 2007.

This quote of Laura Thompson appears in almost all printed works of Cal Evans. It is really interesting to observe the wrangling of two recognized authorities in the PHP world. Laura Thompson and Cal Evans are the authors of many books and articles about PHP programming language. Long ago, I have used Laura’s books to learn PHP and in my opinion, supported by years of experience, it is not the best way to learn the technology because Laura’s books are full of PHP and HTML mix. That is why I’m on Cal’s side who was the first to talk about architecture solutions.

Framework itself is a big collection of multiple libraries united with specified paradigm of programming with the goal of code reuse. There are a lot of frameworks on the commercial and open source markets and the goal of this article is not to find the best one. Each framework has its own advantages and disadvantages. But Zend Framework is the one that differs from the others and you will never find a technical expert who does not share this opinion.

Zend Framework was projected, developed and supported by Zend Technologies LTD. – the company that developed and supported an open source kernel of PHP language called Zend Engine. When we say PHP we mean Zend and vice versa. Let’s agree that PHP framework developed by godfathers of technology itself will be the best choice taking into account the great support, all necessary documentation, frequent updates and internal implementation of all modern trends in software development.

Zend Framework implements two key properties and they are MVC model and Agile orientation. MVC (model-view-controller) is an architecture that separates the representation of information from the user's interaction with it. The key benefit of this architecture is that modifications in one component have minimal influence on other components and parts of application. The business profit of using this solution is evident – business logic of application can change frequently without too high extra costs and new changes do not follow bugs or defects appearance in other parts of a program. Agile is a family of modern methodologies of software development and Zend Framework implements all key features of Agile. Among them are unit-tests and quick basic application creating. You can use user stories for effective software development management and Zend Framework will allow us developing more and more new functional issues according to the user stories without dramatic waterfall changes in the project.

Together with many ready-to-use classes and libraries, ZF left to its users a wide scope of creativity and custom solutions.

Ultima Creative has great experience in ZF projects. Finally we have chosen it for our own web site as the best platform for our needs. Our developers use ZF as easy as they use simple language for every day communications. We are ready to provide our clients with all necessary services to develop vivid and powerful web solutions based on ZF. Feel free to ask us more questions about ZF if you are not techie and want to know more about the platform for your future web site. Using open source free technology of Zend Framework will help us to provide you with ultimate quality of software and minimize your budget. Business is always fun with Ultima Creative!