Well, I’m sure you know everything about PHP if you are reading this page. This technology is even more popular now than the Beatles thirty years ago. You do not see the crowd of young people with long hair and hole blue jeans chanting PHP because they are sitting in their armchairs, having another cup of coffee and programming, programming and programming again.

Why did I choose PHP many years ago? Actually, there were other good languages like Perl or ASP or Java. But I have chosen PHP because of its simplicity and C/C++ ideology. PHP is the C/C++ for web. I have cut my teeth on that and so I’m sure that there is no better language for desktop applications then C/C++, because this legendary language accepts all possible and impossible paradigms of programming and in addition it provides full access to the PC. Really, with C/C++ you can do everything – write low level drivers, create operating systems, interact with hardware by assembler frames, develop such operating system level applications as utilities or services, create high level applications and finally you can give birth to such new powerful technologies as PHP.

You can even develop some web applications. Yeah, you can develop any web site using just C/C++, but unfortunately the price of such application would be comparable with Apollo project.

Written on C/C++, the PHP is the C++-shaped language for web development with very similar structure and commands. PHP took everything good from C/C++ including syntax and add such necessary peculiarities as weak typification and no-compilation and as a result we can now use the server-side web language for fast and easy development of any web applications.

Objective model of PHP 4, improved in PHP 5 allows users designing any architecture solutions. Some C/C++ features as multi-inheritance can be simply emulated with the newest operators in PHP 5. In other words, PHP is as simple and powerful for web development as possible.

But simplicity and capacity does not mean that you can develop a good application without years of experience and tons of manuals. Unfortunately, some people forget that fact. PHP is too attractive for non-professionals, dreaming to earn easy money by learning it during breakfast and starting to develop after lunch. Entry threshold of the technology is really very low but it does not mean that anybody can develop something really well-designed after different variations of “Hello World”.

If you still do not understand why Ultima Creative uses PHP as a flagship technology of web development, let me introduce pure facts to convince you:

  • PHP is the cheapest technology. It does not mean that developers need less payment. It means that using PHP we can develop more useful code per unit time.
  • PHP is the most powerful technology without any restrictions in web development.
  • PHP is fast. PHP is very fast. PHP with Zend utilities can be faster than you can imagine.
  • PHP is flexible. We can implement any business logic using this language.
  • PHP works without any problems in UNIX or Windows environment.
  • PHP is free.
  • PHP is open-sourced.
  • PHP has the biggest community of web developers in the world.

To be honest, I have to say that PHP has not got multithreading support. This is why we sometimes use some other technologies for web development. You can simply discuss with us your ideas right now and our experts will choose the best technology to implement your needs in digits.