"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away"
— George Lucas

There were Browser wars between Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. We do not know exactly how much profit each product brings to Microsoft and Netscape Communications but we definitely know how much headache such war brings to developers and users.

Together with HTML incompatibility both browsers supported the incompatible ECMAScript dialects known as JavaScript and JScript. Anyway we have to thank the Netscape Communications for JavaScript as a first client-side widespread web programming language for interactive pages creation. JavaScript is the language which works on the client’s side. It is used to receive full control of web page elements and make it interactive and user-friendly. Some elements of web design are impossible without JavaScript. It is also used to add some nice effects to the web page. These effects can be both: design decorations and necessary elements of business logic which help organizing the web page structure and provide required functionality for the web site.

This war is a history. But as the legacy of the past we sometimes face incompatibility and differences in some browsers. Of course, we develop our products taking into account the cross-browsing compatibility but it needs additional efforts and customers’ money.

Developers all over the world including our team are using custom libraries of JavaScript to make development process easier and faster and implement the code reuse as basic idea of software development. But since the BarCamp conference in New York in 2006 the jQuery became a de-facto industrial standard. jQuery is one more JavaScript library developed by John Resig and used all over the world to standardize the development problems with use of JavaScript. jQuery is very powerful and provides cross-browsers support and compatibility. One of the main features of jQuery is 100% AJAX support. jQuery makes development faster and safer.

Ultima Creative supports jQuery since 2009. We have used it in multiple projects and are going to use in the following. jQuery is a safe and powerful solution, which helps do things better and save our main quality principle for your software.