HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascade Styles Sheet) are the main entities of the World Wide Web. I guess there are no people today who use Internet and do not know what HTML is. Anyway, let me say a few words about both technologies.

HTML is a standardized data format which is interpreted by browsers. When you ask any web page by its URL, a server returns the response in HTML format. Each nice and perfect web page that you see in the window of your browser is not more than a string in HTML format. You can see this pure HTML by clicking right mouse button and selecting a Page Source menu item.

The good old days when all web pages were built with pure HTML are long gone. The business logic of modern web sites is too complex and it is impossible to create a modern web site without any programming language, e.g. PHP. But HTML is still a standard of web exchange and HTML code is what exactly a final user receives.

HTML is not a language with strict syntax. It means that there are a lot of ways to code the same string. But HTML has its own standard developed by W3C. Browser wars are over and all browsers are trying to support standardized HTML now. The world programming community considers that the only good style of HTML returned to user is HTML which completely meets W3C requirements. The W3C HTML standardization guarantees that a web page will display in the same way in all browsers.

CSS is the HTML extension. Developers use CSS to develop flexible settings for fonts used on the page, colors, sizes, images, backgrounds, etc.

Ultima Creative follows an industrial rule of standardized HTML/CSS. That is why we use W3C HTML/CSS validation service to make sure that our code is clear and bug free. When placing an order our clients know that we will provide them with perfect results and HTML/CSS validation is yet another one test that we run before Beta release of all projects without exceptions.

We are sure that ultimate quality of your software is in small details.