PostgreSQL, called Postgres in the community of professionals, is another one relational database with powerful engine, widespread range of capabilities and being quick enough to provide enterprise solutions with data control. We will cause a “holy war” if we will try to compare Postgres and MySQL on any technical forum. There is no single opinion as to what database is really better.

Postgres fans usually have the following arguments: Postgres is faster, really faster; Postgres has a lot of technical features to resolve specific problems while MySQL does not have it; Postgres is really a relational database while MySQL lacks several criteria; Postgres has a full-text search; MySQL is bad for enterprise solutions and so on.

Sounds bad for the small blue dolphin, isn’t it? But why MySQL is the leader on the market? First of all, starting from MySQL 5 the system has almost all features of Postgres. Yes, there are few features in Postgres that are still not present in MySQL but the developers can simply generate the queries that return the same result in both databases with equal structure of tables. MySQL is a real relational database as it meets the definition of relational database of Edgar Codd for 100%. Ok, but what about the speed?

My opinion is that both databases have the same speed of data processing. The only difference is in basic packages and professionalism of developers. No one is wasting time to tweak MySQL in the small and medium projects and modern powerful servers as it simply has no sense. But in case of an enterprise projects MySQL can be tweaked in a very flexible manner and its data processing speed may be amazing. MySQL can work even faster than Postgres in case of professional fine-tuning.

To get the most out of it you also need to consider your hardware. Ultima Creative is able to provide you with necessary recommendations and consulting regarding your future server and data storage tools reasoning from your problem. With properly selected and customized hardware MySQL can work without any difficulties on enterprise projects but with discussed restrictions as any other database.

The other difference between MySQL and Postgres is as follows:

MySQL is an open-source product

PostgreSQL is an open-source project.

It means that MySQL community is under the control of Oracle (nowadays) while Postgres is under the control of community and delivered as is.

In general, the discussion has no sense as both databases are great free alternatives of commercial enterprise solutions. Both databases are delivered with open sources. And both databases can be used for solution of a very short range of the same problems. The basic problems are different for PostgreSQL and MySQL and the choice must be done with consideration of the project’s business logic. In other words, Ultima Creative upholds the principle of professional approach in taking the technical decisions with no holy wars and personal preferences.

Ultima Creative is in the service of our clients!

P.S. You can also compare MySQL and PostgreSQL on WikiVS yourself.