Say yes to MySQL if you need good digital storage for your data that meets following requirements: secure, quick, fail-safe, well supported, well documented, flexible, almost any platform compatible, almost any programming language accessible, working as remote or local server, holding eight million terabytes of data per table and free. I have to specify that MySQL is free if you are not using its source codes. In case if you need to use MySQL source codes, for example, for a very rare and unusual custom solution you will need to buy a license or publish source codes of your application. But frankly speaking such situation may be possible only in very expensive ($5M+) projects that are planned for use by global society.

MySQL is a powerful free solution distributed under GNU GPL and permitted for any commercial purposes. MySQL is a relative database that includes transactions, indexes for quick access to records, storing procedures, triggers and many other features essential for techies and unknown for businessmen.

You can use MySQL if you are going to support million users and it will work as simple as it works on your local home station. Of course, if you wish to support million web users you will need a few servers customized by Ultima Creative’s expert. But generally speaking, it is a really simple and powerful system.

We use it almost in all projects since the Company’s incorporation and we are sure that this is the right choice. Let me tell a little you about the system itself.

MySQL appeared in 1995 and since 1998 its history was closely connected with the web development as all web servers (Apache, IIS, etc.) have free libraries for MySQL support. Another fact is that PHP – one of the main languages for web applications – has MySQL support on the kernel level known as PECL extensions. MySQL is able to store data in different languages as it has localization settings and supports all codepages. MySQL is able to backup data so you can be sure that your data will never be lost. The last update of MySQL was in April 2012 so it meets all modern requirements. The Ultima Creative’s web site is using MySQL as data storage.

Let us know if you have any hesitations in terms of database choice and we will help you to make the right one.