Functional testing

Functional testing of the system is a main activity in the test flow as at that stage testers are testing the system itself. The main task of a test team is to provide identity between technical documentation and result of the developers’ efforts.

The functional testing can generally be split into two flows –positive and negative. During the positive flow we test all functional requirements and system’s responses to user’s actions in case of correct usage of all interactive elements. But even during the positive flow logical defects are possible. On the other hand, during the negative flow we test all features of the software in case of incorrect usage by the user. We cannot guarantee that random user of the system will use it correctly in 100% of cases. But we must be sure that incorrect usage shall never crash the system and business data. To be sure on this we must foresee any possible incorrect actions. During the negative flow the tasks of testers are not to test the correct behavior of the system regarding the specs, but crash it consciously using all options available to common user.

As a result we receive a reliable and safe system ready to pass some other tests.

The functional testing comprises following features that are to be tested:

  • Suitability of the system
  • Accuracy of the system’s behavior
  • Interoperability with user
  • Compliance with specs and industrial standards
  • Security

Some of our clients wish to use their own QA departments because of any reasons. Ultima Creative provides warranty on its software only if full test flow was performed by our QA department.