Quality assurance

Ultima Creative considers that quality assurance is the most important stage of software development. We think so because this is the final stage before delivery of the project to our clients. To provide quality assurance we use the efforts of our team of senior testers. Each software project has its own testing flow which includes all necessary testing approaches. We must be sure that our software was released with ultimate quality.

The main advantage of Agile methodologies of development is that we use unit-testing as base level of quality ensuring. Application of the unit-testing approach during the full development cycle ensures that the unit-tests coverage of custom code is 100%.

The functional testing provided by our Company meets all industrial standards and is necessary to test the system itself.

We also use security testing to make sure that the system is stable and no intruder would make it fall. System’s security is a separate issue. The security testing may be too expensive for majority of projects as creation of the really secure system can be considered as a separate project. We are using standard tests of security to provide basic security level that must be in each commercial project. Upon the client’s request we can provide a very deep level of security based not only on the software architecture design, but on the special hardware as well.

And finally, as the final stage of testing we are providing our clients with fully-fledged usability testing performed by a big team of involved users who are just the internet public. We use special effectiveness questionnaires developed with consideration of specific project features that shall be analyzed by our team after usability testing. As a result, we are able to improve the project in order to make it better and provide more flexibility and user-friendliness.

Our QA department starts working on the project together with the analytics team at the early stages of the technical specification development. We are sure that top quality of our products is what our clients waiting from us. But being a flexible company that considers needs of our clients we are able to leave the software testing to our customer’s side if necessary.

Ultima Creative provides you with ultimate quality software.