What is ODC (OffshoreDevelopmentCenter)? It is full or partial relocation of your IT department to another country. The common advantages of ODC are as follows:

  • Low cost of installation
  • Potential expansion for ODC owner
  • Economic risks minimization
  • Cheap hiring
  • Reselling opportunity
  • Same quality of development

Ultima Creative is located in Kharkiv, the silicon valley of Ukraine. There are numerous technical universities that graduate over 3000 technical specialists per year with deep knowledge of mathematics and computing, programming and analytics. Ultima Creative is screening its candidates to find the most talented and self-motivated professionals in IT industry.

Ultima Creative provides its clients with an opportunity to create ODC in Kharkiv, Ukraine. We are able to provide you with skilled top software developers and set necessary infrastructure for your ODC including legal support.

The main difference between Ultima Creative and other companies is that we are not a process-oriented Company but result-oriented. That is why we can provide our clients with unique opportunities of ODC building.

There is a number of key benefits in cooperation with Ultima Creative.

No hiring expenses, no infrastructure costs, free installation.

Yes, you have read it correctly – we charge no installation cost for ODC. Imagine that you need 30 ODC developers with management and testing at your side. You will provide us with requirements per each developer and we will hire a team in three months at the max. Each developer shall undergo a complex 3-step interview with general part, technical part and online interview with you or your authorized representative. In addition to team-building we shall install the necessary infrastructure – computers, servers, office, furniture, etc. Then we will be more than happy to invite you to visit your new ODC and get acquainted with your offshore team. We shall guarantee full accommodation with legal support and language officer during your visit. You shall pay only 6 months of your team employment in advance.

Always online.

One of the major problems of outsourcing development is different time zones, which sometimes makes development process not easy. Our mission is to provide you with the most comfortable services. That's why ODC installed by Ultima Creative will permanently work in custom time zone. Your team will always be online and accessible for web conferences or telephone calls. You will be able to discuss tasks with your team in real time by any preferable communication facility. The other side of this approach is that you will be receiving the most recent updates immediately. Rhythm of life and fast decision-making processes of the twenty-first century dictate the rules of the game and we shall do everything possible in order to provide you with a flexible mechanism of adherence.


We are open to all ideas and proposals from your side. Let us know your needs and we shall provide you with custom solutions to make your business even better.


You can increase the number of developers in ODC anytime you want. It means that we shall extend the infrastructure of your ODC for free. We shall also hire new developers under the same principle as described above. Finally you will save more money and time just by committing the team-building process to Ultima Creative.

Business opportunities.

It is common practice that business models can change because of different reasons. Unfortunately, companies sometimes need to dismiss their staff. There are too many reasons of such uneasy decisions – economic situation, changing business model, no tasks, etc. In case of ODC you do not need to dismiss your IT department in the first place. Another option is to resell it to your business partners. Ultima Creative will prepare all papers to close the deal. If you decide to dismiss your ODC you shall make more money with our help.


And finally, you shall get 10% discount for all rates of man-hours in case of 30+ people ODC deployment. Yes, we can save our clients' money better then you can even imagine!