Frequently Asked Questions

Ultima Creative – what is it?

Ultima Creative is an IT outsourcing company based in Kharkiv, the silicon valley of Ukraine. You can read more about Ultima Creative here.

What is the mission of Ultima Creative?

Our mission is to do things with elegant style, be responsible to our clients, create software with fun and be attentive to little details.

What is the vision of Ultima Creative?

Our vision is being a Fortune-500 corporation. We’ll conquer the world market with our unique technologies.

Is Ultima Creative a legal company?

Yes, Ultima Creative is 100% legal. Below are all company details:

Law address: Timiriazev str. 28, apt. 177, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61137
TAX ID: 10215

What are the main services of Ultima Creative?

Our main services of are:

Software Engineering
Quality assurance
Graphics and design
Medical translations

What is the scope of expertise?

Ultima Creative has experience in multiple technologies. Among them are:

PHP / Zend Framework / Doctrine / Joomla / jQuery / HTML / CSS

.Net / OpenStack

MySQL / PostgreSQL / SQLite

iOS / Symbian / Windows Mobile, etc.

Does Ultima Creative cooperate with companies only or with private individuals as well?

Ultima Creative cooperates with both: companies and private customers. Our doors are open for everybody from all over the world.

May I use Ultima Creative logo on my web site or publication?

Ultima Creative logo is an officially registered brand name and trademark. You may use it on your web site or in your publications for non-commercial purposes.