OnTrack is an application designed for Windows Mobile and Symbian, which tracks user on the map. OnTrack consists of two parts. The application is able to track self device and provide server with coordinates and trace info. Another part of the application is displaying trace and movement of the tracker on the map – special device with GPS module, which exchange data with OnTrack by SMS. Symbian version of the application extends functionality in terms of access to various tracker devices. The application has some additional features, like reading from SMS inbox, registration flow, etc.

Application can be used in extreme sports, freight transport, etc.

Key features:

  • Also works with sensor touchscreen

Technologies used (Symbian version):

  • J2ME (JSRs)
  • C++ / Symbian SDK
  • IntelliJIDEA
  • Carbide

Technologies used (Windows Mobile version):

  • Microsoft .Net Compact Framework
  • Visual C#
  • MS Visual Studio