Savebutler is a social network that provides business users with new type of advert. Savebutler as a company sells iPads and hardly install it in business users’ offices. We consider restaurants, shops, fast-foods, cinema houses, etc. as business user’s office. The community of private users is able to use devices for authorization and winning bonuses for further using in Savebutler network. The main business feature of iPads is displaying the multimedia advert while user is not authorized. Savebutler helps business users find the target group by detailed geo-targeting tool, social parameters and interests of private users and numerous other parameters so that the advert is finally displayed to the relevant consumers.

The other key feature of Savebutler is own API engine which provides social networking with new embedded applications for entertainment or business purposes developed by Savebutler team upon business users’ requests. Therefore, Savebutler is a social network that combined a web application, two iPad applications and an iPhone application. All data transfer between applications is secure. We have used YAF and some architectural solutions in order to optimize such a high loaded application as Savebutler that will be on Facebook in the future.

Ultima Creative’s partner team was involved in development of iPhone and iPad applications under the UC’s management.

Savebutler is developing on the basis of Zend Framework.

Key Features:

  • Ultima Creative 100% architectural solution implemented with Zend Framework and YAF
  • Scalability
  • API engine for embedded web applications
  • Multimedia advert with geo-targeting tool

Used Technologies:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • Zend Framework
  • YAF
  • HTML / CSS