Ultima Creative
applying to NATO SPS Program with Uniform Sensor Grid Subsystem (USGS) - the part of the SEDA project.

USGS is the device integrated with the military uniform which detect and localize bullet injury of the soldier and define it severity. USGS consists of hardware part (USGSd) integrated with the soldier’s military uniform and software application (USGSs) installed on the commander’s PC. The weight of the system will be not more than 0.15 kg and it will consider the anatomical peculiarities of the soldier. The uniqueness of the system is in approach of providing the 99% true medical diagnosis of bullet injury in real time on the moving patients in extreme conditions. At the moment this approach is not using in the Future Soldier world conception. Integrating this system with military uniform we’re extremely increases survival chances of the wounded soldiers by informing immediately about the bullet injury incident and providing medical recommendations to rescue team in real time.

- to develop and test the device and software in labs that will detect the bullet injury, allocate the place(s) of the injury(ies) and define the level of severity
- to diagnosis the bullet injury.
- provide information about each incident in case of few injuries.
- to develop and test the relevant software that will allow commander to monitor the medical condition of the soldiers
- to test the system in a field condit w ions.

Expected Outcome:
- the military uniform with integrated USGSd  subsystem which will be able to detect bullet injury and
define it location and severity. The system ill be protected from the aggressive environment.
- the relevant USGSs software application of the system installed on the commander’s PC. The software will
provide medical diagnosis of wounded soldier in case of injury and list of recommendations to rescue
operation that extremely increase the survival chances of wounded soldier.
- the design documentation full enough to create the production sample on the next stage.

To know more about the project please visit the official web-page.